HexiSea™ |3-Points Action

  • Administrative & Corporate Training:

    HexiSea are excellent in providing basic innovative skills in both administrative and corporate personnel for various bodies such as Government & NGOs parastatals, Oil & Gas industry, Hospitality & Tourism Industry etc.

  • General / Specific HSE Training & Instructions:

    We provide quality training for offshore & onshore field workers with highly trusted HSE system for practice from office ergonomics to critical platforms, using the most Advanced HSE Techniques and Principles.

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  • Effective Communication & Team Work Coaching:

    We provide training in quality supervisory skills, goals/result oriented skills and team work/effective communication, utilizing methods deployed by most Fortune 500 companies.

HexiSea™ |Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

HexiSea is a competent and reliable skills imparting and development organization that is committed to empowering individual, NGO and government agencies within the tenets of the laws & regulations of the Federal Republic of Nigerian as well as those of International Standards. Our CSR often targets the teeming youths of the society with the aim of capacity building via skills development required in contemporary corporate environment.

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