About US


    HexiSea is a competent and reliable skills imparting and development organization that is committed to empowering individual. We are a group of specialized professionals who have mastered in the art of training staff, supervisors, managers, business owners of both local and multinational organisations.


    Our main aim is to assist company and organization achieve excellent superior performance in projects, operations and investments in their human capital development through practical training that help human capital to be more resourceful, creative, self-motivated and result oriented.


    HexiSea have competent and reliable trainers ranging from Certified and Experience Human Resource trainers, Experience and certified HSE trainers in Oil and Gas industry and certified Quality Management System (QMS) trainers.


HexiSea Consult is also a consulting incorporated in Nigeria to provide alternative skills imparting services that suites every form and level of corporate organisations. Our methods are drawn from those adopted by Fortune 500 companies world wide. We strategically implement our tuition utilising elements of the local milieu as well as the scientific inferences deduced via our SWOT Test's pre-audit investigation.

HexiSea also has a broad database of highly motivated experts in wide range of occupations for new, existing and future organisation with hopes of hiring the best professionals for either temporary or permanent employment. Our professionals are highly trained and very reliable in providing the highest industrial etiquettes and perfomance that suites the mordern corporate environment.